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Know More about Touch Switch Dimmer

The touch dimmer switches can be classified into two types according to the switching principle. They are resistive touch switches and capacitive touch switches. According to the wiring mode, they are divided into single fire line touch switches and two-wire touch switches (fire line and neutral line). From a global point of view, most countries adopt the single-wire system wiring rules. Therefore, early touch switches are dominated by single-fire control. With the deepening of applications, the stability of zero- and hot-wire control is higher. More load.


The touch screen switch is a new type of switch device that can turn on and off the control circuit by simply touching the touch screen on the switch, instead of the key mode of the mechanical switch. The installation of the touch screen switch has the same wiring as the general mechanical switch, and can be applied to various types of various lamps, and has a backlight function. Standard 86 type wall switch exterior design, no need to connect the zero line, no need to change any accessories on the lamp, can directly replace the original wall switch; use digital codec technology, no direction, with the neighbors of the same model product do not interfere with each other.


The dimming switch can meet people's different requirements for light brightness at different times and can directly replace the existing wall switch. Supply to family homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals and other public places. With the improvement of living standards, people are inseparable from light, but also cannot do without the requirements of the quality of light. The demand for dimming can be roughly divided into three categories:

a) The need for functional adjustment of light, such as meeting rooms, etc.;

b) The embodiment of comfort and life style in home life, such as the matching of light and shade for lighting, and the color temperature can be warm and cold. According to the needs of the environment to adjust, you can also play a role in the atmosphere;

c) the needs of environmental protection and energy conservation, such as energy-saving needs of public places. Such as parking lot lighting, shopping mall lighting, road lighting and so on.



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