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Design bathroom mirror cabinets with lighting

The best looking bathrooms are sleek and clutter free, but to achieve that showroom look you need somewhere to store everything.


At Liteharbor we offer an amazing range of high quality bathroom mirror cabinets designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for the most modern sleek aluminum bathroom cabinets with built in lighting and mirrored doors, LED lighting or tube light, we'll have something for you.


Our cabinets all come to you at huge price savings for your market , different requirement is considered as we have our professional designer team .


If a standard cabinet over the sink still isn't big enough to hold the family's bathroom essentials then have a look at the tall cabinets such as a LED tall mirror cabinet , it's a considerable meter and a half high, but it's not just about size, it also matches other items in the simple and elegant range.


Liteharbor Lighting Mirror Light cabinets, silver backed mirror, can effectively prevent the black spots, not easy to be corroded. Fog resistant, with heated demister pad, keep away from fuzzy images. IP44 waterproof rated, safe for bathroom zones 2 & 3. High sensitive sensor switch, simply swipe your hand to turn it on, effective range within 300mm. Low voltage DC power supply, silent driving without noisy. If your needs are more function. Our factory can customize it for you, to learn more about this supplier, please click:



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