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How Many Types of LED Mirror Lights Can You Find in Liteharbor

How Many Types of LED Mirror Lights Can You Find in Liteharbor?


Illuminated Mirror
Specifically designed to enhance viewing for make-up application, shaving and personal grooming, like no other mirror. When you want to use the mirror to apply makeup or check on blemishes, then you need to place the mirror where it receives good light. A lighted mirror solves this problem by giving you LED lights. The robust mirror lamps with their soft light distribution are for wall mounting. A lighted mirror has lights around the outside edge that allows you to get a better view.


Illuminated Mirror Cabinet
Mirrored cabinets are a great way to save space in your bathroom while providing all the storage of an ordinary cabinet. Having a place in the bathroom to store your toothbrush, cosmetics, shampoo and everything else that you find in the bathroom is essential. Bathroom mirror cabinets also come with added functions including digital clocks to keep you on time, mirrors and shaver sockets to charge your toothbrush or power your razor. Our range of mirrored cabinets has something for every bathroom, with a variety of options to fit into any space or reflect any style.


Magnifying Mirror Light
Get the closest view with these mirrors, which magnify your image. This unit has an elegant design that is available in two finishes. It has two functions, one which projects a normal reflective view, while the other offers magnification for a closer look. This has a bright halo light, so you can ensure your makeup always looks fabulous. It offers 5x or 7x magnification so you can see your entire face clearly. These are ideal for applying eyeliner, eye makeup, and other tasks that require precision. It provides you with just the right amount of light while applying your cosmetics and beauty products.


All these high quality mirror lights you can always rely on from Liteharbor.


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