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Buying Tips for Mirror Lamp

Buying Tips for Mirror Lamp

Mirror lamp usually refers to the light fixed on the mirror. It helps people to look themselves clearly. It's especially good for ladies do their makeups and gentlemen do their shavings.


For every girl loves beauty, the new decoration must be installed a mirror lamp, because it is very painful to doing makeup in the dim light. So do the men shaving.


It is difficult to accurately distinguish colors if we use the ordinary lighting solution in the room. Why? Besides the chromatic aberration, it will produce a shadow appears on the mirror. As we know, the light is often installed in the middle of our room, so that we are often on the back of the light source when we are looking in the mirror.


So it's necessary to install a mirror lamp to have a clear lighting, if you don't want to have a dark face.


Decoration Style

It's mainly to consider whether the style of mirror lamp fit the bathroom decoration and the bathroom furniture. The bathroom mirror lamp should be matched with the whole decoration style of the bathroom. Is it a new rhyme style, a nostalgia style, an avant-garde style, a pastoral style, or an urban romance style? We must know our own home bathroom space and the decoration style before buying mirror lamps.


Light Sources

In the choice of light source for mirror lamps, LEDs and energy-saving lamps are the most popular light sources. Generally LED light source is much closer to true color so that it can reflect the normal make-up effect in cosmetic. But compared to the energy saving lamp, the LED light is relatively in the cold white, so you need to make a choice.


Electronic Ballast

The electronic ballast is equivalent to the CPU of the mirror lamp. It means the end to the lamp if there is a problem with the ballast. So it is recommended to choose and buy lamps from regular manufacturers.


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