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Tips Before You Install A Bathroom Illuminated Mirror

Tips Before You Install A Bathroom Illuminated Mirror


1. When you install the Illuminated Mirror, you should pay attention to prevent glare. Pick a lamp shade or choose a frosted glass surface luminaire is a good advice.

2. What's the suitable height for installation of the Illuminated Mirror? In general, maintain 160 to 175 cm from the mirror center to the ground.

3. You'd better add a frame to the mirror, or do the sealing waterproof treatment.

4. Do not destroy the wall, especially the ceramic tile wall, as far as possible to hang in the material seam.

5. In addition to the Illuminated Mirror, it is recommended to install a piece of stretchable magnifying mirror above the top of the wash basin.

6. If the bathroom mirror is smoked blurred by steam, put soap daub on the surface of the mirror and wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent the mirror fuzzy.

7. Wipe the dirt on the mirror with a soft cloth or gauze dipped in some kerosene. Do not use wet cloth to wipe the mirror, otherwise the mirror face will be blurred and the glass is easy to be eroded.


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