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Why Choose Liteharbor Mirror Light

Liteharbor Lighting is a professional modern LED Mirror Light manufacturer, we offer you a variety of mirror lights to complement any decor and give you a clean, tastefully lit area. It has a complete lighted mirror product line, included Illuminated Mirror, Illuminated Mirror Cabinet and Magnifying Mirror Light.


About our mirror, is the silver backed mirror, can effectively prevent the black spots, durable, rust-free aluminum and glass construction resists moisture and ensures a clear, flawless reflection every time. And about the lighting, we using LED SMD chips, high color rendering index, long service life, and high performance. Liteharbor offers dimmable LED lighting with adjustable color temperature to suit any task.


In addition to the general features in the marketplace, we also offer many other extra unique additional features. We have been innovative, and an increasing number of new features are coming soon.


Liteharbor takes quality as her first thing to pursue. Having full process equipment and excellence producing technology, customer’s need of high customizing, small batch and various certifications can be meet. Our production pass five rigorous testing to ensure product quality, including 24 hour aging test, resistance test, light up test, triple weight load bearing test and circuit test.


Choosing Liteharbor will not only bring you high quality products but also sincere services, you deserve a better supplier and Liteharbor will be the right one for you.



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